easy code generator

easy code generator is a small but very powerful and effective tool for software developers who want to improve and speed up coding.

easy code generator

If you develop database driven applications, you will always need standard code to retrieve, edit and update data, fill combo boxes, list boxes and data grids etc. This code generator enables you to create template based code in seconds. Just select the database table or view you want your code to base on, then choose the template and press create. Done!

With easy code generator you write code

  • faster: create many thousands of lines of code in just seconds. Writing this code manually would take you many hours of work!
  • more consistently: because the code is generated from predefined templates, your code will be always exactly the same. That improves the quality of your application
  • with less errors: trying to write consistent code manually can be tedious and faulty. With easy code generator you don’t have typos, forgotten code and long debugging work.

easy code generator helps you to convert your existing code into templates. There is no need to learn new syntax. Just select the part of the code you want to replace and choose the replacement command via the front end.

Although easy code generator was developed for .net developers it is a standalone application and not integrated into Visual Studio. Therefore you can generate code for any text based programming language like C#, Visual Basic, Java, C++, HTML and many others.

You can find more detailed information on the easy code generator homepage.