easy restoration

easy restoration is a great application for people who restore classic cars, motorcycles or any other vehicle. It simplifies the restoration by helping you to always keep an overview and document each restoration process.

easy restoration

Everybody who already restored a classic vehicle knows how demanding this can be and how difficult it is to keep track of everything… where are certain parts, Which parts must be renovated which replaced? What are the next step for each part? How much money and effort did I spend until now? And last but not least, how will I ever get this vehicle rebuild?

easy restoration helps you with the dismantling process:

  • While dismantling, you can enter each dismantling step and add each part to your vehicle’s parts list.
  • You can add valuable comments and tips for the rebuild phase.
  • Notes, voice memos, photos, videos and other documents will be linked directly to each step and part.
  • The order of dismantling is saved automatically. This information will be valuable during the rebuild process.
  • After dismantling a part, you can directly enter the required next steps for restoration such as replacement, cleaning, sandblasting, painting etc.

easy restoration provides a total overview during the restoration phase:

  • You exactly know the location of all parts: is it in your storage location or by one of your suppliers?
  • You can print an overview of the next steps of each part and the corresponding work that must be done.
  • You can also list all parts that need one certain treatment: for instance you can print a list of all parts that need to be sand blasted. Subsequently you can define a supplier for this work, print the delivery note and a shipping label.
  • In one glamps you see the status of your restoration: how many parts are ready, how many not. How many hours and how much money is spend by now including a target-actual comparison.
  • Also during the restoration phase you can document your work with all the required media like photos, videos, voice memos and documents.

easy restoration helps you to rebuild your vehicle:

  • You see the status of each part and which parts are ready for reassembling.
  • If you documented your strip down correctly, you now have a great help for the rebuild: easy restoration shows you the order of reassembly.
  • Each rebuild step can again be documented with all the possible media available.

At the end, you can create a complete documentation of your restoration in just a few steps. This will increase the value of your classical vehicle.

Currently easy restoration is still in development. If you want more information about this software, please check the easy restoration homepage. There you can also participate in our short survey about your needs of a restoration software, this helps us to develop an application that meets your ideas. As small gift, we will send you the first version for free!